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James's dad arrives, and agrees to be the one to now officiate Barney and Robin's wedding .

We also learn the Barney's mom and James' dad are now dating. William Zabka tries to sabotage Ted being best man (Lily tackles him).

Loretta tells Robin to call her mom, when she learns that Robin's mom didn't board her plane for her daughters wedding .

Ted takes Cassie to The Farhampton Lighthouse, to try to attempt to date her, but she just further frustrates him (we haven't seen Cassie since this).

She is furious, and tells him he is dead when arrives.

Robin/Loretta's conflict escalates into fighting over who makes better scrambled eggs, the day before the wedding.

Lily gets upset at him, so she gets out of the car, and takes a train to Farhampton. Lily is stressed about not seeing Marvin for a week, and The Mother comforts Lily (offers her cookies, which The Mother refers to as Sumbitches).

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While trying to cheer Robin up, the gang tells a story, where we learn The Mother actually wound up inspiring Barney to write and draft The Robin ), and that Ted is planning on working for Hammond Druthers when he moves to Chicago.Barney forgives him over a poker game, which irritates William Zabka.When James makes negative remarks about Barney getting married during the poker game, Robin gets her wedding ring for James', and wins his old wedding ring.Season 9 of How I Met Your Mother aired during the 2013-2014 television season. How I Met Your Mother was renewed for a ninth and final season on December 22nd, 2012, with an official announcement made by CBS on January 30th, 2013.

The season begins with Ted and Lily driving to Farhampton, Ted starts being really annoying with his roadtrip facts, and doucheyness.

Marshall skypes with the two of them, and tells them to recreate the scenario while the two of them hold hands.