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06-May-2016 22:52

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What I've seen here is a couple of dozen people looking at the same situation that we've been reading about here since December of 2004 and *still* saying "He's gay! The fact that he was a church going virgin before her doesn't make him gay or bi, I was all for trying new things with the "first" and the same with him.

He's just more open to different things that most straight guys are disgusted by. ) I mean yeah scratch down my back bite my nipple ring and give it a tug , even spank my ass lol but i hope the way i work it will have you trembling very soon!

Secondly it comes from Florida where almost all things ratchet and newsworthy emit that sadly don’t end up on World Star Hip Hop. Laquavia Sharelle Wallace will forever be a legend in Tampa, FL.

The 22-year old woman was arrested yesterday for domestic battery after her ex-boyfriend got into a fight where she grabbed his penis and began using the jaws of life on it, or for a better term “yanking the sh*t out of it”.

After combing through history, the British scientists concluded that mammals who had prolonged sex (three minutes or longer) needed a bone to make sure they could hold on tight because other males were trying to yank them off the woman.

We humans don't need to worry about our buddies yanking us off while we get it on with our partner (if that's the case you need some new buddies).

The Smoking Gun has more: “Wallace had gone to the home of Antonio Marquis Williams to pick up the ex-couple’s daughter, according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

Williams told deputies that the pair argued because Wallace wanted to resume dating.

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Humans could -- technically speaking but not recommended -- get in there, pump, pump, finish and get the woman pregnant.

I don't think most women enjoy anal, but I've heard that once a man finds a woman who does enjoy it; she never wants to let him go !!! Could you yourself be with a guy who never wanted to do it?