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SNR_Spectrum_2 The signal-to-noise ratio for the second spectrum of the object in the 4000-5000 Angstrom band.

Previous_Redshift The previously known redshift of the object.

The total survey area is 721.6 deg, when allowance is made for regions of sky excised around bright stars.

Spectroscopic observations of the input catalogue were made with the 2d F instrument at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT; the 2QZ sample) and the 6d F instrument at the UKST (the 6QZ sample).

2QZ spectra were classified using the AUTOZ program (see Croom et al.

2001, MNRAS, 322, L29) which uses a chi-minimization technique to fit each spectrum to a number of QSO [including broad absorption line (BAL) QSOs], galaxy and stellar templates and to measure a redshift for all extragalactic identifications.

Name The 2QZ Catalog source designation in the recommended J2000.0-based format, e.g., '2QZ JHHMMSS. Note that the object names may in some cases not correspond exactly to the listed source position as the authors improved the astrometry of the catalog after the object names were first defined, but decided not to change the names so as to avoid confusion with previously published lists.

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Fiber_Number_1 The 2d F fiber number within the spectrograph for the first spectral observation of the object.The QSO template was based on the composite spectrum of Francis et al. AUTOZ produces a single identification based on the best-fitting template in one of six categories based on the following spectral criteria: ) emission lines only gal: Redshifted galaxy absorption features, no emission lines star: Stellar absorption features at rest, i.e., a Galactic star cont: No identifiable emission or absorption features (high S/N DA = a DA white dwarf DB = a DB white dwarf DO = a DO white dwarf DZ = a DZ white dwarf CV = a star with strong hydrogen Balmer emission lines DAM = a DA white dwarf - M-dwarf binary DBM = a DB white dwarf - M-dwarf binary BAL = a broad absorption line QSO For example QSO(BAL), star(DA), star(CV), etc.If the identification has a class 2 quality then there is a ? Spectrum_1_Date The date of the observation of the first spectrum of the object.SNR_Spectrum_1 The signal-to-noise ratio for the first spectrum of the object in the 4000-5000 Angstrom band.

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Redshift_2 The redshift of the object from the second spectrum.

RASS_Flux The flux in the soft X-ray (0.1-2.4 ke V) band from the RASS of any counterpart which lies within 30 arcseconds of the 2QZ/6QZ source, in erg s assuming a power-law spectrum with a photon index of -2.

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